Prepping for post-doc interviews

Since I am actively looking for a postdoc, I have started to collect resources in how to have a productive interview.

I remember my first Skype interview last winter and I completely froze out of nerves - all my prepping went out the window and I drew a blank on what questions mattered most to me. Hopefully that won't happen to you, but, just in case, learn from my mistakes and check out these links. I'll keep updating this post anytime I find another good website to share:

35 Questions to Ask During a Post-Doc Interview
This has a nice breakdown of groups of questions and keeps it simple.

Questions to Ask at Your Postdoctoral Interview
What I liked about this post was how to identify a good mentor by the way they answer the questions you ask.

Becoming a Post-Doc
If you ever needed a step by step plan from graduate student to post-doc, this is a great outline. A bit dense when you first look at it, but valuable advice.